Papri Banerjee

Founder & Teacher

Papri Banerjee is a Yoga enthusiast & certified Yoga teacher. She has been doing yoga since childhood. While in corporate job, she was very impressed by the positive impact of Yoga on her mind & body in the hectic schedules and fast-paced lifestyle.

For spreading awareness about Yoga and getting more people positively impacted by Yoga, she quit her corporate job and completed Yoga teacher training to become certified teacher in 2014.

She founded Fit Life Yoga studio and continued spreading awareness about Yoga & positively impacting people’s lives through her teaching.

Happy Yoga!

Vrithica Bopanna

Co-founder & Teacher

Vrithica perceives yoga as a way of life where one constantly seeks to align the mind and the body with one’s environment with a constant focus on breathing and movement, rather than just a practice to shed those extra inches. Having experienced deep personal benefits through her own practice and embarking on what has truly been a life altering journey for her, including overcoming chronic back pain caused by sciatica, she combines several proprietary practices with the essential yoga asanas and pranayams to motivate students into overcoming their personal challenges.

A communication expert Vrithica is a paradox of calmness and vibrancy which makes students connect to her easily, which in turn helps her understand and inspire them to take life as it comes. Her holistic and open minded approach to yoga provides for an effective, mindful and fun healing process.

Happy Yoga!